About us?

We are Asdisal, the first Venture Capital, specialized in Digital Health in Chile, which is investing Smart Money, in the best
startups in the sector, which have the great objective of solving global health problems, through disruptive innovations and
exponential technologies.

We invest in startups that apply exponential technologies!

We invest in a selective group of early-stage startups that have the potential to scale globally, applying
exponential technologies, such as, 3D printing, Nanomedicine, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Genetics, Blockchain,
Mobile Applications, Augmented and Virtual Reality.


By 2030, we will become the main Administrator of Investment Funds (Venture Capital), in the health sector
digital, with our startups, generating the greatest positive global impact on health, well-being and quality of life in people,
from Chile, to the world.

Massive Transformational Purpose

Heal the world exponentially.



1.- Have representation and visibility of your startup on the platform (value proposition, contacts and founders), to generate
business and collaboration.

2.- Have access to an active community of founders of digital health startups, to mutually empower each other.

3.- Premium access to a database of Technological Collaborators, Corfo, Minsal, public and private health providers.

4.- Application as part of Venture Capital to Competitive Funds and Pilot Plans, to participate in tenders, congresses,
internships, commercial stands, investment rounds and business nationally and internationally.

5.- Have access to relevant information about our industry, standards, manuals, books, networks, trends and technologies

6.- Access the possibility of obtaining financing and intelligent capital, through the support of knowledge, contact networks,
experience and mentoring to contribute to the development and scaling of the startup (Smart Money).




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